Scam Economy
38: Scam Bankrupt-Fraud: The Death of FTX (w/ Ed Zitron)
November 14, 2022
Ed Zitron joins Scam Economy with Matt Binder to discuss one of the craziest weeks in crypto. FTX goes bankrupt, billions gone, hundreds of millions possibly hacked and/or stolen. Matt and Ed discuss all the details, breaking down the timeline of events, how there have long been questions about the liquidity of FTX and Alameda Research, the media fawning over founder Sam Bankman-Fried, how the entire operation was run by 10 roommates with on-again-off-again personal relationships, and much much much more. Ed's newsletter on FTX: Article's mention in the episode: FTX Hacked: SBF and Roomates: Reuters texts with SBF: CNBC on SBF: Mike Burgersberg's Alameda story: CoinDesk's Alameda story: Visit Support the show: