Scam Economy
47: The Fall of Silicon Valley Bank & the Crybaby Tech VCs (w/ Edward Ongweso Jr.)
March 15, 2023
Edward Ongweso Jr., writer of the Tech Bubble newsletter and co-host of This Machine Kills podcast, joins Scam Economy with Matt Binder to discuss the collapse of the tech industry's favorite financial institution, Silicon Valley Bank. Edward and Matt break down what this means, how it happen, what sparked the bank run by tech founders and VCs, what SVB's investments were, how the bank fell right around the same time two crypto-friendly banks Silvergate and Signature Bank also failed, how the VCs like David Sacks and Jason Calacanis threw a tantrum demanding a government bailout for the tech industry, and more. Read Edward's piece in Slate, The Incredible Tantrum Venture Capitalists Threw Over Silicon Valley Bank: Visit Support the show: