Scam Economy
27: All Your Coinbase Are Belong To Us (w/ Ed Zitron)
August 18, 2022
Coinbase is America's #1 crypto exchange. Coinbase has also had a very, very bad couple of weeks. Ed Zitron joins Matt Binder on Scam Economy to discuss the Coinbase insider trading case, how a former Coinbase product manager was able to slip insider knowledge to his brother and a friend, how the scheme fell apart, just how much insider trading is going on over at Coinbase?, the SEC investigation that found Coinbase was listing unregistered securities, Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong's anti-politics at Coinbase stance...until Coinbase of course needs to start lobbying politicians for pro-crypto legislation, what's coming down the pike for Coinbase next?, and much more! Visit: Support the show: Check out Ed's newsletter: Coinbase Insider Trading Case/SEC investigation: Coinbase Insider Trading Study: Coinbase: No Politics: Coinbase Lobbying: