Scam Economy
29: Binance and the Mystery of Who is Guangying Chen? (w/ Jacob Silverman)
September 9, 2022
Journalist Jacob Silverman joins Scam Economy with Matt Binder to discuss one of the biggest mysteries surrounding the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange...who is Guangying Chen? Silverman breaks down Binance's huge role in the crypto space and its founder Changpeng Zhao aka "CZ," the history of the company's opaqueness on many issues surrounding the business, the leaked "Tai Chi" document, the relevance of whether Binance is a "Chinese company," and the mystery surrounding Guangying Chen, a supposed low-level staffer who has long been listed on official documents and company paperwork as Binance's founder. Support the show: Visit Jacob Silverman's tweet asking Binance about Guanying Chen: Binance's statement on Guangying Chen after Jacob Silverman's tweet: Forbes piece on the Tai Chi document: Scam Binance website's blog on Guangying Chen: